Tamara Romeo

The Design Boss in San Diego

Tamara Romeo

The Design Boss in San Diego

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My name is Tamara, but at work, I'm also known as "The Design Boss" because I own an award-winning Interior design firm.

We create amazing environments for people to work in & live in!

I'm lucky to have a super talented team of Interior Designers & Interior Architects that work with me (check them out in the photos here)

For the last decade, I've been well known as San Diego's Office Design guru. We've completed over 3 million square feet of beautiful office & workspaces from San Diego to Boston!

Our client list is pretty darn impressive...but that's not all we do!

2020 has brought a lot of unexpected twists and turns to my industry, and I took the opportunity to use my BIG project experience in the residential world with our new video series called Radical Home Transformations

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We are re-imagining entire homes from the inside out (top to bottom!!),

I'll be sharing the progress each week with photos, videos, stories, and pro tips you can use in your own home to turn it into a beautiful sanctuary for your family!

As the holidays approach we have some amazing free guides and e-books that we are giving away as our special gift to you.

For the next few weeks, our gift to you is "The 8 Steps Celebrity Designers Use To Get Their Homes Ready For The Holidays"

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You can find lots of photos of my teams' professional work here

and stay in touch with me here:

Insta @thedesignboss (residential/lifestyle)

and @sdofficedesign

I'll be sharing furniture and decor items that you can buy with just the click of your mouse, inspired by the spaces we love the most.

It couldn't be easier to be well-designed!

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Wow! What a huge talent! SD Office design was able to do a makeover for our primary tenant, in a building we own and manage in Pacific Beach. The building is on the Cass corridor and while our space would be called charming (code for very old and lacking), Tamara and her team created a corporate headquarters for Blenders Eyeware that is second to none. She was instrumental in retaining this tenant and adding massive value to the real estate for Next Space and our investors.
Rudy Medina, Next Space Development
Tamara has a great sense of style and detail that she provides to her clients. Also, her education and professional background helps her bring a unique perspective to projects.
Paul Nugent, Design professional
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