Tamara Romeo

The Design Boss in San Diego

Tamara Romeo

The Design Boss in San Diego


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My name is Tamara, but at work, I'm also known as "The Design Boss" because I own an award-winning Interior design firm.

We create amazing environments for people to work in & live in!

Our business name (San Diego Office Design) says "San Diego" and "office"...but don't let that fool you!

We've worked across the country and across the globe on multi-family projects, senior living, student housing, luxury contemporary residential & more!

Our client list is pretty darn impressive...

*Mossy Car Dealership

*The Port of San Diego

* Blenders Eyewear

* Sotheby's Luxury Real Estate

& 100's more!


We take on just a select handful of residential projects a year, and we make sure that we are a perfect fit for the project as well as an exceptional fit to meet the client's expectations...

needless to say, we are picky about our projects :)


So that's my day-to-day business, but there's a passion project I'm working on that I want to share with you!

For the last few years, I've been giving a hand-up to other creative entrepreneurs that are struggling to streamline the business-of-the-business by sharing:

  • how to develop a stand-out brand- for both you and your business
  • how to build an anti-sales systemno icky sales tactics here!
  • how to super-charge (or rev up) your social brand
  • how to develop an unforgettable client-care systemthatwins you more business and referrals
  • how to use storytelling to grow your business and your sales
  • how to find more balance in your work/life world.
  • How to get featured in magazines, in media and on podcasts
  • &anything else you want to work on in your business (since this coaching is made for YOU and is about creating the opportunities that you want)

I'll be offering VIP 1-to-1 coaching during my 90 day program to just 3 people.

If you are interested, you can apply here


If you're excited to talk to me about a potential project or my new program for creative entrepreneurs click here to schedule a complimentary discovery call


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Wow! What a huge talent! SD Office design was able to do a makeover for our primary tenant, in a building we own and manage in Pacific Beach. The building is on the Cass corridor and while our space would be called charming (code for very old and lacking), Tamara and her team created a corporate headquarters for Blenders Eyeware that is second to none. She was instrumental in retaining this tenant and adding massive value to the real estate for Next Space and our investors.
Rudy Medina, Next Space Development
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