Tamara Romeo

The Design Boss in San Diego

Tamara Romeo

The Design Boss in San Diego


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My name is Tamara, but at work, I'm also known as "The Design Boss" because I own an award-winning Interior design firm.

We create amazing environments for people to work in & live in!

Our business name (San Diego Office Design) says "San Diego" and "office"...but don't let that fool you!

We've worked across the country and around the globe on multi-family projects, senior living communities, student housing developments, luxury contemporary residential projects & more!

At last count, we've completed over four million square feet of interior design projects, and we have our goals set for bigger and more impressive projects all the time.

Our local client list is pretty darn impressive...

*GIA- Gemological Institute of America

*The Port of San Diego

*Sotheby's Luxury Real Estate

*Developers and Real Estate Professionals


We are also a full-service furniture dealership.

Why is that important?

It means we provide end-to-end service for our clients handling all of the details from concept to completion.

>We take all of the stress, pressure and unknowns off the table for you!

>We show you just how beautiful your project will be before you commit to the investment $$


We take on just a select handful of residential projects a year, and we make sure that we are a perfect fit for the project as well as an exceptional fit to meet the client's expectations...

needless to say, we are picky about our projects :)


I also write a monthly column for Tour Homes and AJ Powers and his incredible team of real estate pros, where I share inspiration and expert insights into the world of interior design, home renovations & furniture.

I invite the readers to ask me questions about their upcoming projects, and I urge you to do the same…if I can help, I will, and sometimes I'll share your questions with the readers of AJ's newsletter too!

>>Just click the button at the top of this page to ask me a question!


I created this free quiz to help you pinpoint your design style. Its super fun and I bet you'll be surprised by your results!

Take the Design Style quiz here


If you're excited to talk to me about your next project click here to schedule a complimentary 20 minute discovery call with me!


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Wow! What a huge talent! SD Office design was able to do a makeover for our primary tenant, in a building we own and manage in Pacific Beach. The building is on the Cass corridor and while our space would be called charming (code for very old and lacking), Tamara and her team created a corporate headquarters for Blenders Eyeware that is second to none. She was instrumental in retaining this tenant and adding massive value to the real estate for Next Space and our investors.
Rudy Medina, Next Space Development
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