Our Story

Our Story

Are you a creative-minded person struggling to find help to move your business idea forward?
Have you been searching for ways to get the business training, skills, and support that you need to move your big idea or business forward into profitability but find the teachers and trainers just don’t understand the way that a creative person’s mind works?
We relate!… thinking outside the box is the norm for us.
Most of us developed (or are in the midst of thinking about developing) a special skill, talent, or trade that helped us to land a job, but for one reason (or many) that job hasn’t developed into our dream career.
Some have a 9-to-5 but play at their passion after-hours and on the weekends in their spare time.
Others struggle to try to find a way to monetize their talent but lack the sales, marketing, and business background to thrive, not just survive.
We want to change that for you, and we have developed a proven success system to help you get there faster, easier, and with a lot more joy along the way!

We are a group of highly creative, super passionate people! 

We work together in a fast-paced, award-winning commercial interior design firm located in sunny San Diego, California called San Diego Office Design.

Our fearless leader and Boss-extraordinaire is our motivator and the mastermind behind Design Boss Online. We are all creators, innovators, and change-makers working together to design and build amazing spaces for our clients. We collaborate with the Design Boss Online experts to add our insights as well as share our frustrations with being creative folks who need help to learn business building skills. We are Millenials and not-so-millennials who share a common way of thinking and learning.

We have a deep understanding of what it takes to overcome obstacles that so many creative people face, and we use that insight to ensure that the Design Boss classes are relatable, interesting, and lord-forbid…less boring than typical business classes 🙂

Design Boss Online is a learn-as-you-go online training program.
It includes everything you need to start and develop a successful creative business.
Learn at your own speed, in your own home (or poolside if you’re in sunny San Diego like us!).
With Design Boss, you will learn the tips, tricks, and insights to start a healthy thriving business right off the bat.
Our been-there-done-that experience guides you in the right direction, helping you avoid all the crap-ola! 
Who is the Design Boss?
Learn from successful Interior Design Firm owner and entrepreneurial expert, Tamara Romeo and her team of savvy style icons as they share decades of business training, success secrets, and ‘real deal’ skills that they have designed to make more money, in less time, with less struggle and more joy in their businesses. 

Tamara Romeo is the C.E.O. and Founder of her own successful commercial Interior design firm; San Diego Office Design. 

She has been awarded

  • “Business Woman of the Year” 
  • “50 Influential Leaders”
  • “20 Women Who Inspire San Diego ”  
  • “One of San Diego’s Top Interior Designers” 
  •  First woman to be named Chair of San Diego State Universities Entrepreneurship Center (The Lavin Center)

A Graduate of

  • Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses
  • SDG&E Accelerating Business Growth
  • Turner School of Construction Management
  • San Diego State University

After creating and growing her own successful business, she realized she could help other creatives do the same for themselves. 

Passion + Potential + Planning= Profitability