Where To Begin Finding Inspiration and Motivation….(hint, it’s not where you think!)

Where To Begin Finding Inspiration and Motivation….(hint, it’s not where you think!)

Most of us are risk-adverse. We like to win. We like to celebrate success. We want to be part of the winning team. However, is your desire to win keeping you from learning, growing and becoming the best you could possibly be?

Ask yourself these 3 important questions:

Are you looking for the right opportunity to appear before you take action?

Are you hoping to wake up feeling inspired and motivated?

Have you been working on ideas but waiting to be completely prepared before you take action on your BIG dream?

Here’s what I know for sure: Motivation and inspiration come AFTER action.  Not before

Somehow we’ve been getting it all backward, and waiting to feel like it’s the ‘right time’.

We’re waiting to get the idea just perfect before we take the risk of stepping out on our own.

The truth is this:

  • You have to start BEFORE you feel ready
  • You have to begin WHERE YOU ARE
  • You have to SEEK inspiration and motivation
  • You have to risk FAILURE over and over again.
  • Because SUCCESS is on the other side of failure.

The first step towards accomplishing any goal is usually simple, and far less complex than our minds trick us into thinking.  A small step towards a big goal is still a step in the right direction!

Often times we get bogged down with thinking about the big huge steps and grand leaps we need to make to get from point A to point Z, instead of thinking about getting from point A to point B. We even get stuck thinking about what will happen after we ‘make it’…how will we handle all of the new responsibility? How will we pay for everything we need? etc.

Here’s the tricky thing: Our minds main goal is to keep us safe, and to accomplish this our mind would like us to do the same things again and again..repeating habits day after day.

And guess what? Many of those habits are not positive, productive or lucrative. Making small tweaks and changes to our daily habits can be the first step in waking up our brains and shifting our thinking from auto-pilot mode to active mode. Even just the simple act of thinking about which shoe you put on first (and then changing it to the opposite foot first) can create a brain shift into active thinking mode. This small shift is the first step in moving from a passive pattern into a creative one. Yep, it’s just that easy!!! 

Now, I’m not saying that putting your shoes on differently will shift your entire life, but its a great demonstration of how changing one tiny daily habit can begin a chain reaction of conscious creation in your day. And that…THAT is a great place for a creative thinker to be!

You may be asking yourself why I’m talking about habits?  In a 2014 study, it found that habits are what compose 40% of our daily lives. The hardest part of adopting a new habit is incorporating a new routine into your life. At the outset, a new routine takes initiative and a bit of a self-push, because we typically want to go back to the old habits that have been rehearsed over and over again that require little to no thought or effort.

But is that who you truly want to be? You wouldn’t be readint his article if you weren’t seeking something better, different or improved, right?

There is a reason why Nike famous slogan is ” Just Do It.”  The simplicity of the statement is important because it begs you to stop thinking about it and start doing it. Stop planning, stop perfecting, and start DOING. Notice that the statement is also an action word…it didn’t say “just planning” or “just figuring out every single detail before you start” or “Just waiting for the right opportunity to appear”.

Nope, it said Just DO it.

I’m urging you to consider that inspiration, motivation, and action are all within you. They are already there, waiting to be called upon. Waiting to be sprung into action.  Its almost as if they are in hibernation mode and need to be awakened by your action and by your movement of taking just one simple step. Yes, at first that step will take conscious effort, but aren’t you worth it?

Learn to be your own boss and begin where you are. #Designbossonline #30daychallenge #JustDoit

 This article was written by Tamara Romeo, “the Design Boss” and Founder of San Diego Office Design.

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